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How Many UFOs Have You Seen?

Every week hundreds perhaps thousands of people see UFOs. Yet the argument still rages over whether they are “real” or not.

To an abductee, they are very real indeed.

For those of us who have seen several – perhaps many – there is no doubt that they exist.

Yet there may be some doubt (these days) about whether they are ET craft, or black ops secret weapons from some hidden military base.

Be that as it may, long before humans were flying through the air with the greatest of ease, people were seeing UFOs all around the world.

And those people – and the ETs who made contact with them – have left indisputable proof that they were here.

(Don’t believe it? Check out the evidence here).

These days, there’s a great furor over “disclosure” – as if we are waiting (yet again) for our government to tell us what to believe…or not.

Well, they’ve been doing a grand job, at least in the United States, of keeping us in the dark.

BUT – if you have seen a UFO, or more than one, chances are that you have been both surprised, and mystified, by the experience.

On this blog, we take no sides on the issue of whether they are “real” or not.

We just say, we know they are…because we’ve seen them. Many of them. In many places.

One such place was during the making of the documentary, “Contact Has Begun.” (Hence the name of the DVD, and this blog).

This in turn raises the question: Did they see us?

In some cases, the answer is a resounding “yes.”

Which means, in turn, that we actually experienced genuine “Contact.”  It may have been at a distance, but it was genuine nevertheless.

So in that sense, “Contact HAS Begun.”

The next question, or questions (because there are many) must be…”what’s it all about?” What are aliens and UFOs doing here? Is ET friendly? Or should they go home? Where is home? Out there in space – or somewhere here on Terra?

But before we go there, how about you leave a comment – tell us briefly how many UFOs you have seen.