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Angelika Whitecliff suggests human minds  are more powerful than those of  many ET races. In this article titled “Three Steps To Integrate The UFO Reality”  she says…

“Many advanced extraterrestrial races marvel at the innate psychic capabilities we possess on Earth.

“The father of remote viewing, Ingo Swann, details in his book Penetration the fear some negative extraterrestrial groups hold toward us because of this potential and how they work to ensure that we do not develop such powers en masse.

“Even many benevolent advanced extraterrestrials must use technology to achieve results that we are able to do with our minds.

“Only our conscious development of these multidimensional abilities traditionally ascribed to yogis, seers and sages will allow us to solve all our challenges and to transform our world. Here we also have an invaluable gift to contribute to our reality and to teach to our advanced extraterrestrial friends.”