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Top UFO Videos This Week

"Contact Has Begun" Director Michael Knight

"Contact Has Begun" Director Michael Knight

Real UFO Video. That’s what we want. And here are some real UFO videos that are attracting thousands of viewers.

Seems that “they” are really busy watching “us”

Some of these are “oldies” but the fact that they continue to get more and more visitors tells us that interest in UFOs and UFO videos continues to increase.

Not only do we have them checking out nuclear power plants (and in “Contact Has Begun” you’ll hear about them disabling nuclear missiles) but they’re also sending us crop circle messages, flying over many cities, and getting caught on film everywhere.

Everywhere that is except in the mainstream media – although one did appear in the background on a morning newscast in the UK.

Fortunately we have the Internet. That’s where UFO video comes across uncensored – including shots of an alien in an Area 51 UFO Video.

Here are the top watched videos of recent weeks.

UFOs round Nuclear Power Plant

UFOs round Nuclear Power Plant

UFO’s By Nuclear Power Plant. August 2009

These little UFOs were captured on film from a plane or helicopter as they visited a nuclear power plant. (Location not specified).

In “Contact Has Begun” we made the point that they have been keeping an eye on nuclear energy ever since we started exploding nuclear bombs.

That’s because nuclear energy from a bomb rips the fabric between dimensions and creates havoc that we are not aware of – but it’s like a shock wave that can be incredibly destructive.

Something Bizarre Found In Mexico

Something Bizarre Found In Mexico


We humans come in all colors shapes and sizes – not to mention all sorts of personalities from psychopaths to saints.

So it should be no surprise that ETs are also “different” in some cases.

Yes, there are those that look and are very human-like (because they were our original gene stock) and even now some of them mingle with us anonymously.

But this guy? Well, he got the habitual fearful human treatment.

Amazing Ufo Footage

Amazing UFO Footage

Amazing UFO Footage

Did you know there are patents available for building what we now call UFOs?

That’s right – aside from the craft flown by ETs, there are also those that have been developed in secret using ET technology from craft we have shot down – or which crashed when they ran into radar signals.

Since then we’ve secretly developed planes like the Aurora – and this is believed by some to be one of the.

Want to build your own UFO? Check this page on my web site.


Aliens In The News

Aliens In The News

Having been a newsman since 1960, I recall at least one occasion when we actually did film UFOs in flight.

That was off the East Coast of the South Island in New Zealand about 30 years ago – and we ran the story.

But most mainstream media and many people who comment on forums and UFO video sites love to debunk anything to do with ETs, aliens, UFO video and people who have had interaction with them.

This video has been around for a while, and of course it attracts its share of debunkers. But what do they know?

What we know is that you can think for yourself – and even if some footage is a so-called hoax, why not view it in a light-hearted way – just someone having fun with your head.

No matter what debunkers say (and sometimes they’re quite correct when they pick a fake or a hoax) none of that can in any way detract from the reality that UFOs and aliens do exist.

If there were no ETs, we’d be left with the logical conclusion that there is only one planet in a limitless universe that has life forms like us on it – and you’d have to admit, we’re certainly not a shining example of evolution at its peak are we?

There are ETs who like us – and those who don’t.  Just like the way we think about each other as different races fighting over territory and resources on this planet – with more and more waking up to the fact that we’d better really become peaceful before we exterminate ourselves – there are very spiritually advanced ETs who see our potential – and others who think we’re less evolved than cave men.

aliens reply to binary code message

Reply To Binary Code Message

Reply To Binary Code Message

In case you’ve forgotten, or never heard about it, Carl Sagan and others – including NASA – sent a message into space in 1974.

Naturally enough, officialdom would never tell us whether they got a reply would they?

Especially, some would say, in the case of NASA – which is sometimes referred to as Never A Straight


"Contact Has Begun" - The DVD

"Contact Has Begun" - The DVD

Prepare For Contact

This documentary was made in order to get into the mystery of Contact with ETs who have transcended war, poverty and disease.

They see us destroying our planet (which has resulted in massive Earth Changes that are also dealt with in my free newsletter Earth Change Report) – but because we created this problem, it’s unlikely they will interfere at all.

We made the mess – we have to clean it up – or go through the turmoil and chaos of Nature doing it for herself.

But some of us – and you may be one of them – can “feel it” – feel how important it is to look ahead to a time (probably within a few years) when we won’t just be seeing UFOs on Internet video sites.

We’ll be seeing perhaps vast fleets of them overhead.

“Contact Has Begun” is a great way to prepare for that surprise.

UFO Video From Brunei

Seems our UFO friends are knocking on doors all around the world these days.

Maybe we can’t yet explain them fully, but lights (UFOs) like these filmed in Brunei – along with similar footage from many other countries – suggest that we are most definitely Not Alone.

(Hard to imagine a flock of 10 weather balloons drifting across Brunei don’t you think?)

Such phenomena seem to be filmed much closer to ground level than they were in the past (as in extensive footage of UFOs “powering up” over James Gilliland’s sanctuary, and subsequently used in the documentary “Contact Has Begun.”

At present it’s not possible to insert actual videos in this blog.

But links to your favorites are certainly welcome.

UFOs By The Dozen

Seems like “Contact” is close – and it may be the ETs who are initiating it, rather than any government.

Consider the fact that UFO sightings seem to be popping up with incredible regularity these days – at the same time that crop circles are also on the increase.

Up to 50 UFOs were sighted and reported July 03 09 near Huntington in England.

And in Idaho, one looked like it was about to crash…but it didn’t.

“There may be multiple witnesses to this June 30 UFO sighting, as reported from an Idaho witness who was driving and saw what he first thought was an airplane about to crash, according to witness testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

“It was going so fast towards the ground and then stopped abruptly,” the witness wrote.

And then there are thse links worth following.

Crop Circles – UFOs

More amazing crop circles have been created in the UK this month – and of course they’re ignored or dismissed by the mudstream media.

But that’s their job – to muddy the waters so the majority won’t wake up to the fact that crop circles are NOT made by hoaxers.

In fact, there’s some evidence that they’re crafted by UFOs that are interdimensional.

Copyright issues (quite rightly) protect the photographs that have been taken of the latest crop (pun) of crop circles.

They can be seen at these links.

If you have an explanation as to how they are made and why are they here, – please lodge a comment.

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Prepare For Contact

Angelika Whitecliff suggests human minds  are more powerful than those of  many ET races. In this article titled “Three Steps To Integrate The UFO Reality”  she says…

“Many advanced extraterrestrial races marvel at the innate psychic capabilities we possess on Earth.

“The father of remote viewing, Ingo Swann, details in his book Penetration the fear some negative extraterrestrial groups hold toward us because of this potential and how they work to ensure that we do not develop such powers en masse.

“Even many benevolent advanced extraterrestrials must use technology to achieve results that we are able to do with our minds.

“Only our conscious development of these multidimensional abilities traditionally ascribed to yogis, seers and sages will allow us to solve all our challenges and to transform our world. Here we also have an invaluable gift to contribute to our reality and to teach to our advanced extraterrestrial friends.”

Why We Need Disclosure

In an editorial on AllNewsWebDotCom titled “Why the world needs UFO disclosure” Naomi Semeniuk writes:

“Brazil along with France, England and Spain has been a leading advocate of UFO disclosure.

“We’re all hoping that our own country the USA will join the ranks of other countries that have made UFO disclosure and UFO truth possible for the masses because the masses are so badly informed and brainwashed by skeptics who do zero research and paid debunkers who brainwash the public so easily and pocket tainted money for their lies.”

But as Michael Cohen points out:

“In accordance with the doctrine of Cosmic Capitalism any alien civilization that has reached a threshold beyond humanity is going to feel little desire to just hand over the products of possibly tens of thousands of years of discipline and restraint to a species that has little chance of overcoming its negative traits and achieving the same.”