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August 2 Crop Circle

The Crop Circle Connector web site really stays on top of the crop circle phenomena.

It is SO obvious that disinfo freaks have been completely outflanked. There is NO WAY thse magical designs could be done by “us.”

This one, as usual, is awesome.

But what’s the message?

MK: Director – Contact Has Begun

Crop Circles – UFOs

More amazing crop circles have been created in the UK this month – and of course they’re ignored or dismissed by the mudstream media.

But that’s their job – to muddy the waters so the majority won’t wake up to the fact that crop circles are NOT made by hoaxers.

In fact, there’s some evidence that they’re crafted by UFOs that are interdimensional.

Copyright issues (quite rightly) protect the photographs that have been taken of the latest crop (pun) of crop circles.

They can be seen at these links.

If you have an explanation as to how they are made and why are they here, – please lodge a comment.