UFO Crashes in Ottawa River

OTTAWA — It truly was an unidentified flying object that darted across the night sky over the Ottawa River this week ( last week in July 09).

“There’s nothing in the river for us to find in terms of an airplane or helicopter or something that went down (Monday) night,” Ottawa police Const. Alain Boucher said Tuesday afternoon.

Several residents, both in Ottawa and in Gatineau, Que., reported lights smashing into the water around 10 p.m. Monday, along with a thunderous boom.

The calls prompted police, firefighters, paramedics and a helicopter from CFB Trenton to scour the waters for a downed aircraft.

Problem was, there was no physical evidence pointing to a plane wreck: No debris, no oil slick and no indication from airspace authorities that something fell off the radar. There was also no report of a missing aircraft.

Still, searchers launched their boats on Tuesday morning looking for clues that could confirm witness accounts.

They found a few objects in the water, but nothing significant until around 1:30 p.m., when sonar discovered something bulky more than nine metres below the surface.

An underwater camera couldn’t reach it and searchers called off the mission not knowing exactly what the object was.


5 responses to “UFO Crashes in Ottawa River

  1. It could have been an UFO that lost control by flying too low, or it could have been one of the government’s secret projects usually out of Montauk, N.Y. We’re hearing so much more about UFOs showing themselves all over the planet. The “off worlders” are making themselves known to us now because of the Earth changes that are imminent and the possibility of a nuclear war between Israel & Iran. There are 6 different races of ETs that are in holding positions just above our planet & not all of them are friendly. One thing they all have in common is they will not allow another nuclear tragedy because not only will it upset our own planet but it will causes ramifications on other inhabited planets. This is my understanding from what I received from them. Many “off worlders” look very much like ourselves. In fact, there are ETs that walk among us. They’ve given the human race some of their technology i.e. stealth bombers, but they say the human race isn’t evolved enough to warrant any other technology. I’ve had people look at me as if I’ve lost it when I used to speak of the “off worlders” so until recently, I’ve kept quiet about it. I cannot say I’m an abductee because I always go willing with them. Being with them for short periods of time is always a joy. They are very spiritual, kind, compassionate and certainly more evolved than we are. They are able to travel from their planets to Earth and any other planets by what is called, “flipping time.” So much more faster to get to various planets. Jo

  2. Jo Dean,

    Are you freakin kidding me? You actually wrote that? For crying out loud people, extrodinary explanations require extrodinary proof, and that’s something no one has. The following day I went to Deschene rapids where the crash occurred. The area is quite large with fast moving water and it isn’t all that deep. There was no military, no security, and no police guarding the surrounding area. Witness accounts also said there was a “whistling” noise before the loud bang. This in all probability would have been a meteorite, which is still a great find, if they find it. But it’s not a UFO. I’m a skeptic as much as the next guy. I don’t believe were alone, and I also don’t believe everything that the government tells us, BUT I also don’t believe something that was fabricated out of someone’s imagination. When we get proof, we get our answers…

    • In this case the term “UNIDENTIFIED Flying Object was very appropriate.

      Whatever it was it has not been identified – as far as we know.

      Skepticism also has its place but when it extends to assuming that other people are fabricating things out of their imagination, it has actually become intolerance of another person’s right to their own point of view.

      In a recent survey of my Earth Change Report subscribers I asked if people had been abducted. Five per cent said yes. (I shiould have asked a supplementary question: “Was it a good or bad exoperience?” – because some people have had good experiences.

      Should I be skeptical of their replies?

      I don’t think so. Even though I have no personal memory of being abducted (and I’m told it’s possible to have the memory wiped, so if that’s true then a lot of people don’t recall such an event), I’m prepared to accept that those who do remember such things are telling the truth.

      In fact, that’s one of the highlights of the documentary I directed. “Contact Has Begun” is about James Gilliland – one man’s true story about his interaction with ETs.

      The benevolent ones are likely to show up far more openly in the near future.

      Perhaps that’s why we’re seeing such an increase in UFO videos on Youtube – and crop circles in the UK.


  3. Well Maxx, if you do some extensive research, you’ll find that what goes on at Montauk in N.Y., isn’t an up front government research facility. Plus, if you speak with anyone who has a genuine friendship “relationship” with ETs the more advanced and spiritual “off worlders”, then you may see what I had sent before in a different light. Just because there are human beings who have never seen and interacted with ETs, only seen their crafts, they are the ones to yell the loudest against this occurring. You wouldn’t believe how many “off worlders” are walking and interacting among us. If you do some extensive research on ETs, you’ll find this is not “someone’s imagination.” I wish you well on your journey. Jo

  4. Jo Jean please email me I have some questions about your comments. gummybear0708@yahoo.com

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