Why We Need Disclosure

In an editorial on AllNewsWebDotCom titled “Why the world needs UFO disclosure” Naomi Semeniuk writes:

“Brazil along with France, England and Spain has been a leading advocate of UFO disclosure.

“We’re all hoping that our own country the USA will join the ranks of other countries that have made UFO disclosure and UFO truth possible for the masses because the masses are so badly informed and brainwashed by skeptics who do zero research and paid debunkers who brainwash the public so easily and pocket tainted money for their lies.”

But as Michael Cohen points out:

“In accordance with the doctrine of Cosmic Capitalism any alien civilization that has reached a threshold beyond humanity is going to feel little desire to just hand over the products of possibly tens of thousands of years of discipline and restraint to a species that has little chance of overcoming its negative traits and achieving the same.”

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