Clues To Life Elsewhere?

Depicting aliens as bugs and cockroaches flying UFOs to conquer our world is a popular movie theme – but is it possible, as some scientists seem to imply, that we humans evolved from bacteria as well?

Why do some of us accept the assumption that life on earth started with the accidental emergence of a single-celled ‘something” – and that “if” there is life on any other planet, it must follow the same procedure?

That’s just a passing thought that came to mind with today’s announcement that some scientists have found a ‘new’ microbe in Greenland.

“A novel bacterium that has been trapped more than three kilometers under glacial ice in Greenland for over 120 000 years, may hold clues as to what life forms might exist on other planets.

Dr Jennifer Loveland-Curtze and her team of scientists from Pennsylvania State University certainly desrve credit for their dedication to the task of waking that little guy up after 120,000 years.

But it’s hard to imagine that something so small that it can pass through just about any micron filter can actually tell us much at all about how life started…

Nevertheless, the little guy has been given a big name –  Herminiimonas glaciei.

Seems unlikely that he’ll be flying a UFO and taking over our world any time soon.

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