Roswell: Two Simple Facts

“Skeptics refuse to accept (it) , and even believers don’t seem to realize just what it is about the Roswell story that proves UFOs are real.”

So writes Dale Huffman as an Op-Ed contributor (June 14 09) to

He says two simple facts prove the Roswell UFO incident was real.

And it’s impossible to argue with his logic.

In a nutshell, the “supremely awkward truth” he reveals is that the two air force officers who released the initial report that an alien UFO had crashed and parts had been retrieved, were highly experienced military officers – men who had lived through the Second World War.

They were men who were involved with Bomber Command and who knew aircraft of the latest type. Thje sort of men who could actually tell from first hand experience the difference between a weather balloon and an alien craft.

Their initial press release was quite clear and precise – but the story got changed within days by those higher up the ladder of command.

How high up is anyone’s guess.

But as Huffman points out so succinctly:

” The continuing performances of dedicated skeptics deriding UFOs is a monstrous fraud upon the public, which the public has been witless enough to let pass, because it has had little incentive and therefore little abiding interest in focusing upon the certain but supremely awkward truth.”

Dale Huffman is a scientist interested in the truth behind the UFO mystery. Contact Dale at this blog

His blog is well worth a visit if you’re interested in a rational view of human evolution too. He has a very sensible perspective on  that.

3 responses to “Roswell: Two Simple Facts

  1. I, personally, have no doubt that we are not alone (as per my earlier post here about seeing a UFO, close up.)

    But you have to wonder WHY the government has kept this as such a big secret, for so many years.

    For some reason, I don’t believe that it’s because the news would cause panic. I mean, when huge storms arise, when diseases begin to spread faster than wildfire, when major companies fire people so they can downsize and stay alive themselves, is the government (or anyone, for that matter), afraid to tell us the facts, so that we don’t panic?

    Why this, then? What I think is that it all boils down to a matter of power and greed. They’ve (government) discovered things that they don’t want to share. Because if you share, then you lose your power and you can’t make as much money.

    It’s so pitiful to admit that the world is run this way, but I think, that’s the truth.

    And I think that as long as people continue to let themselves be led and not insist (as is now being done) on the truth, we will always be slaves to the government.

    They (the government) have long forgotten that WE pay them. WE placed them in their high positions, to carry out what WE want.

    But see, you can’t give power to some people because then, they run amuck with it. And that is what’s happened.

    I’m really ashamed to live in a world like this. I really do hope that what some are predicting about 2012 (a change in dimension and a rise in consciousness) does come about. We need that, so badly, especially those of us who are sick of how evil has taken over.

  2. Yes Diana, you are so right.
    However I would add, although we say ‘The Government’ we are being simplistic. The government are ordered by others in ‘inconsequential’ places. This group of individuals are sycophantic bottom dwellers who fear the consequences of their own actions.

    These people are not evil, just plain stupid. They should be flushed out and made to account for their stupidity, I for one understand that this would be one comedic event.

    ‘We the people’ are not so stupid as to believe what the media and the government tell us. We all understand that when a politician’s mouth is moving the politician is telling lies.
    Namaste, Phil

  3. I completely agree with you!

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