Poll – Are You Afraid Of Contact?

3 responses to “Poll – Are You Afraid Of Contact?

  1. Seems like a fair question, but it’s a bit loaded. I’m trying to figure just how much poublic opinion is skewed toward fear as a result of a 50 year diet of television and films that glorify the “win by nuking them” mind set…while dismissing the possibility that the majority of ETs are far more advanced than us.

    Therefore..the poll may help us figure out how much or what percentage of us have unconsciously become afraid of ETs…ALL ETs.

  2. Confused but not really scared. So much information and I guess disinformation out there sometimes it is hard to see what is really going on. I believe most of out visitors to be benign but some of the writing about reptilians and a few other species is scary. Above all though, I am more scared of what we are and have been doing to out planet particularly in the last sixty years than I am about interplanetary visitors.

  3. I was not concerned about contact at all until I heard the reports about there being different types of aliens — good and bad.

    Now, I would be more careful and try to be sure that I was talking to one of the “good guys” from higher realms and not one of the nasty ones.

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