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Established June 13 2009 this blog is published by Michael Knight, Director of the  DVD Contact Has Begun.

The DVD  is a top quality UFO Video documentary about the life and near death experiences of James Gilliland…and his contacts with ETs.

“Contact Has Begun”  includes real UFO footage shot by James Gilliland at his Trout Lake Sanctuary near Mt Adams in Washington state.

"Contact Has Begun" - The DVD

"Contact Has Begun" - The DVD

The documentary has multiple themes – and you are encouraged to participate in this blog by reading existing posts and adding your comments.

Now, a word to particular visitors:- If you’re a skeptic – but with an open mind – you’re welcome.

But if  you’re a skeptic who already knows the answers to everything including why there are billions of dead and empty planets out there – which there must be if one is to support the argument that we humans are the only species in existence on a planet that is the only one of its kind – please don’t waste your time by debunking.

Instead – you’re still welcome – but how about you just read and contemplate and argue with yourself?

Those who have had contact or who have seen UFOs in various places around the world already know they exist. And there are plenty of other places to hold circular and unproductive debates on those subjects.

And, with respect, if you still have doubts, then you’re nowhere near the first rung of the ladder of open mindedness and higher learning.  (The only way up that ladder is to question one’s own beliefs with the same rigor and vigor one has previously applied to others. …so please think about  that).

Instead, this blog is unique because it focuses on the future – including interactions with ETs – and it does not have to be a Hollywood type of future in which everyone continues the drama of killing everyone else.

On the other hand, it would be silly to expect the advanced ETs to ‘rescue us’ or ‘save us’ from ourselves. Such beliefs border on superstition.

Instead, it’s our job to “rise to the occasion,”  collectively (it’s a bit late for that) and individually – starting with what James calls “an open mind a loving heart and pure intent.”

That’s what leads to personal contact with benevolent entities who are “the greater family of man.”

It’s up to us to climb toward their level, rather than expect them to come down to ours.

It’s time we evolved – instead of stagnating – because evolution is exactly what got them to be more advanced than us, spiritually, mentally, and technologically.

Thank you for visiting. It would be appreciated if you’d bookmark this blog and come back often.


Michael Knight has been a reporter, writer and TV documentary Director since 1960. He directed “Contact Has Begun”  as a year-long project for the Production Company, Dreams Come True Enterprises LLC of Yelm, Washington.

Knight is  also publisher and editor of the free International Newsletter,  Earth Change Report.

The newsletter was started because “Contact Has Begun” includes information about present and future Earth Changes, Global Warming, Climate Change, 2012, Planet X, and solar storms.

Michael Knight may be contacted by email at ”  editor (at) buycontacthasbegun.com ”

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